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{New} Stimorol: X-FRESH.

Excuse my lack of posting this week. I’ve not only returned to campus after 1 looooooong month of being at home but now my work load starts piling. Going in for week two, I’m currently down with the flu as well and then comes this awesome press drop from Stimorol which is a breath of fresh air (excuse the pun) seeing that life has me by the lady balls of late.
IMG_3128Stimorol is my fave gum brand. There’s no second guessing it. I’ve always got a pack in my handbag. I was excited to try out the new variations from the X-fresh range which is peppermint and spearmint.  Let me add that one of these gum’s are actually bigger than your normal gum. I always tend to pop two into my mouth and that means that my gum doesn’t last very long. This gum is quite big, like a little pillow that explodes with flavour when you bite into it.
What makes this gum better than your average gum you ask? Well the X-fresh range have crunchy crystals on the inside. It instantly gives you a blast of fresh air with a cooling sensation but not to the point where its overpowering. I usually pop one into my mouth on my drive to campus and by 9am there’s still flavour in my gum. We all know that its a rare quality in ANY gum.
Another thing that I love is that the gum never goes hard. I prefer my gum soft. For those that wants to know about the sugar level in this gum, its actually sugar free but still tastes yummmmmy. This gum is especially awesome after you’ve brushed your teeth or after a meal. Pro Tip: I’ve been down with a crazy, bed laying, head swelling, impaired concentration kind of flu and my chest was giving me #*?!@, I promise you one pop of this gave me instant relief, no irritation on my chest and it opened passages that I never knew I had. Its a winter flu fighter!
IMG_3138Now let me tell you about an amazing new competition with Stimorol. Stimorol launched an awesome new comp along with the release of the X-FRESH range. Consumers gets the opportunity to let out their inner Dj by creating their own X-Track. Stimorol created a microsite game where individuals can create their own beats via a dashboard. You can share your track on Stimorol SA’s Facebook page and stand in line to win fab weekly prizes. At the end there will be a grand prize winner that’s gonna get spoilt rotten!

For those oozing with confidence and wouldn’t mind displaying their beats in public, you and three of your mates can do so at any X-Track activations that will be popping up in custom booths across the country. If you want the 411 on this just find Stimorol on Facebook and you can get cracking on your own track over at www.xfresh.co.za


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