Magazine Monday

Magazine Monday: Canvas Decor + DIY

Today I have a different type of Magazine Monday for you … Again. Like I said last week, you get lots of different goodies in a magazine so today I’m bringing you something different. Something other than beauty and fashion. Just roll with me here darlings. I feel that a beautiful canvas can liven up a dull wall, gets the creative juices flowing in your workplace and also makes for a stunning decor feature in your home.  Which brings me to today’s post.

We all want those Pinterest worthy “Home Offices” which might seem oh so pricey but to be totally honest I don’t feel that is necessarily true. If you browsed the net and searched for DIY’s or how to update already own furniture, its quite achievable. I went browsing on the net and found some beautiful canvases, from inspirational quotes to bold pictures and this is what I found.

(1 – Mr Price Home R300.) (2 – @home R599.) (3 – Sheet Street R180.) (4 – R139.) (5 – Zando R149.) (6 – R340) (7 – R1342) (8 – R549)

I’m pretty sure many bloggers fall in love with these “at home office” spaces that we often spot on the net. Not only is it a great environment to work in but I think it makes for beautiful props in pictures. I went on a Pinterest spree and found these beautiful home/studio spaces ready to make you creative space noteworthy.
Canvas inspirationIf you want to create your own DIY and not purchase a canvas, I have an inexpensive way to do so. I haven’t done a DIY in a while and then came across a similar one on Pinterest and decided to incorporate my own lil twist on it. I saw someone framing their baby’s hands and turning it into a canvas type thing and I thought that framing lip prints would look just as awesome.

Now firstly, I’ve done this DIY before and I have to say that my previous one looks much better with the 2cm white background because the “busy” background that I used in this tutorial is too distracting. I didn’t want to post pictures of my existing canvas as I already did the step by step for this one. Nonetheless, I will however change it and make it white again as soon as I feel better. I’m a huge canvas, framed quotes and photo frame kinda girl so I was looking for a beautiful canvas or something to put up in my room and that’s when I decided to this DIY..

Ill make it quick.IMG_3064What you’ll need:
• Lipsticks
• An old frame
• Scissors
• Pritt/ Glue
• A sheet of white paper big enough to cover your frame and a piece of patterned paper.
IMG_3067Step 1:
Outline frame board on the patterned sheet, cut out and paste it.
IMG_3068Step 2:
Outline the frame board(with patterned piece already pasted) on white sheet.
IMG_3070If you can see the patterned paper through the sheet of white paper then use two layers of white sheet. Cut out the white sheet(s).

IMG_3082Step 3:
Measure 2cm all around on the white sheet(s)and cut it out.
IMG_3081At this point it needs to be smaller than the patterned paper that’s pasted on the frame back. Now paste it in the center so that 2cm of the patterned paper shows.
IMG_3083Step 4:
Get smooch happy and kiss the white paper all over. It might seem weird but who cares?

Step 5:
Frame it and VOILA!
IMG_3089If you do decide to make your own canvas, Tag me on Facebook or Twitter. I would love to see! What’s your thoughts on canvases in your home?


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