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{Review} Sephora – Colorful 5 eye shadow palette.

I haven’t done a review in a while and I thought that I just had to share one of the best products in my beauty drawer. Now as a beauty blogger one would guess that I have to be pretty good at applying makeup, no? Well to be totally honest I’m a noob. I have to watch Youtube videos, that’s why liquid liner still freaks the hell outta me. But not to worry, further down Ill tell you exactly why I’ve become a pro with this palette
IMG_3122Enough with the drama, let me share the one product that I know people that would like to experiment with makeup a little more but just cannot seem to get it right, would absolutely love. This nifty little eyeshadow is from Sephora. I cannot even rave about it enough, Desle was a real star when she bought this for me while overseas. In this palette there are 2 shimmer shades and 3 semi matte shades with a minimal shimmer.
IMG_3105Let’s first talk quality. In all honesty, I’ve used and have Urban Decay palettes but this palette’s colour payoff might be like just 5% better. I’ve quite oily  eyelids (yes that’s a thing) but this shadows stays put all day, no reapply so I don’t even to carry it with me. Even if I did carry it with me, its quite compact so you can pop it into your makeup bag in a jiffy. I love that the lid pops close so you’re guaranteed no messing and broken shadows in you makeup bag.
IMG_3117I received an awesome little brush with this palette and I have to say that its one of the first brushes that I’ve received in a compact that I actually like but for some reason I seem to have misplaced it. With my current eyeshadow brush these eyeshadows transfers from the pan onto the brush and then onto my lids like a dream! I have however noticed that there’s a bit of fallout when using the shimmer shades but not the matte.
IMG_3120Want to know how I became an overnight pro when using this palette? Ok fine. Underneath this palette there’s a picture showing you where on the eyelid to place each shade. How spiffy is that?! Then to top it off there’s 2 pictures. One for a natural look and one for more of a dramatic look. Shade 1 (pearly white) can be the best shade in this compact but at the same time A NIGHTMARE. Its so easy to overdo it with this shade because its so pigmented and you end up layering it quite thick causing it to go all over the place. When it appears that there’s not much eyeshadow on your brush, trust me there is. Just some extra info ; The shades are called (from 1 – 5) Pearly White, Taupe Grey, Dark Purple, Plum and Colorful No. 54 Black Lace.
IMG_3119With this palette I can create a 5 minute face using only my BB Cream, Concealer, Blush, Mascara and Lipstick. That’s how good it is. Which brings me to the question. Why is Sephora still not available in South Africa?!


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