Fashion Fridays

Fashion Friday: Fringe

Long time no Fashion Friday?! Excuse my lack of posting, I’ve been feeling under the weather this last few days. I’m coming down with something, I’m not sure what but I’m feeling pretty bleak. Nonetheless, Today I’m back with a trend that I’ve been loving loving loving since summer came along. FRINGE! We can all associate fringed items with bikinis and kimonos like we saw in my Fashion Friday post a few months ago. I was doing a major “HELLS YEAH” when I saw brands finding ways to incorporate the fringe trend into winter as well.

Let’s all reserve our judgment and opinion that fringe anything is for Coachella. I’m a huge fan of the trend and I love how you can easily layer it with items that you already have in your closet. Fringe ANYTHING is definitely a fun trend that I hope will be around for quite some time. Its amazing how designers, high end or budget found ways to make this trend modern and suitable for everyday wear. I  went on the net and went super crazy when I saw the awesomeness that is the pink fringed bag on Spree’s site. I’m not only loving the colour, the design and the detailing thereof but the PRICE. R100? A win win situation. Take a look and feast your eyes on all of the must have fringe items in store and online.
Fringe1. Foschini ♥ 2. Spree ♥ 3. Zando ♥ 4. Woolworths ♥ 5. Minnetonka ♥ 6. Mr Price ♥ 7. Truworths ♥ 8. Spree ♥ 9. Woolworths ♥ 10. Spree ♥ 11. Spree.

In my Magazine Monday post last week I made a huge hoohaa about biker jackets, and then Spree comes and knock my socks off with this fringed style leather jacket. *Swoooooooon*. Its safe to say fringe items comes in all forms so there’s definitely something for everybody.
CelebsFor my celeb inspiration, I leaned more toward the autumn/ winter type of attire because I wanted to look for out ways that we here in SA could rock this trend. I have to say though that the fringe handbags are particularly catching my eye.

Keeping it super short today as I can’t sit in front of the PC for too long. My head and eyes feels BROKEN!
Yay or nay for the fringe trend?


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