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{Review} 5 Must Have Red Lipsticks For Winter.

Everybody knows my abnormal love affair with lipsticks. If I spot a good one, Ill know. I basically wear lipstick everyday of my life and my most worn shade is red. I obviously can’t wear the same shade of red everyday and different weather and different occasions calls for different reds.
IMG_3043Now that its winter I gravitate towards more moisturising lipsticks because nobody wants dry chapped lips where the lipstick starts settling into your fine lines. I’ve been through many reds in my lipstick loving life and today I thought that I would share my top 5 that I think is an absolute MUST HAVE in your beauty arsenal.
JetJet: Just Be Gorgeous – Rust
This lipstick was just a budget buy, I will definitely repurchase it when this one runs out. It retails for R14 or R20 (I can’t remember but not over 20) at Jet. Whenever I wander into Jet I notice their makeup line and I always mean to take one product but after all the browsing and buying I forget but on this occasion I decided to grab this one I believe that its a really great quality for the price that you’re paying. I picked up shade Rust. This lipstick however isn’t very moisturising but when paired with Maybelline’s BabyLips, you’re bound to have a long lasting AND moisturising pout. The tint to the BabyLips will add a little bit more of a red punch, we can never say no to added boldness This combo together is under R50. Can we say win win situation?
Revlon Revlon: Colorburst LipButter – 063 Wild Watermelon
If you’re a beginner or “newbie” to wearing red lipsticks and you’re not ready to go bolder then this one is for you. This is the perfect daytime lipstick as its not very bold on the lips but it can also look simply gorgeous with the Jet lipstick to add more of a dimension to your pout. This is exactly what it says it is, a Lip Butter. I feel that Lip Butters are great for winter as it moisturises your lips and keeps it hydrated. No chapped lips guaranteed! This lippie’s shade also varies from wearer to wearer depending on your undertone. It can come across as a deep orange but on me its a subtle red. Also Revlon is one of my most loved beauty brands so I know I’m guaranteed quality for my moola.
MAC MAC : Ruby Woo
Everybody knows this cult favourite. When I received this for my birthday, I couldn’t wait to put it on my lips to see what the hype was about. The lasting power is excellent, its very “buildable” and Its a matte shade so its very pigmented. I love how you can play around with this lipstick, adding gloss to it to give it more of a juicy appearance, then leave it as is to give it a retro look and then just add some BabyLips over it to keep your lips hydrated because its not very moisturising. I do however see the hype around this lipstick but its not the best red lipstick I’ve used. This lipstick retails for about between R180 – R200.
Maybelline Maybelline : Color Sensational – 916 Neon Red
Let me first start off by saying that I love the packaging of this lipstick. Its sleek, expensive looking and simply won’t pop open in your makeup bag or in my case whichever handbag I throw it in when I’m rushing out the door. This lipstick is extremely extremely extremely moisturising. Maybelline is one of my top 3 makeup brands, they are super affordable and they produce quality makeup. With this lipstick its so easy to build on the intensity of the shade. The same with the Revlon lipstick, depending on your undertone, this can come off as an orange-ish shade and it also smells super yummy. I’m not sure about the retail price but its a budget buy.
Rimmel London• Rimmel London: Lasting Finish – 170 Alarm.
I know the name, price, shade and where to buy this lipstick by heart. I hate playing favourites with my lipsticks as they are like my babies but this is one lipstick I will repurchase over and over again. I also get that lipstick varies from wearer to wearer because my sister is not too keen on it but to me its the best lipstick in my stash. Its super creamy, long lasting and oh so affordable. Whoever came up with this lipstick at Rimmel HQ deserves a meddle … And a raise.  See how I get carried away when I speak about this lippie? Its just that great amazing incredible out of this world good! This shade can be build upon layer by layer to add to the drama and I promise you it’ll last all day. On my swatch is one layer and that’s how pigmented it is. Winning! Oh and it only retails for R99.

I now declare myself a lipstick snob.


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