Travels: UAE Travels 2014/15 {Emirates Palace Hotel & Al Reem Island} – Part 6

On my last day in Dubai, I was set to leave for the airport at 4 in the morning so there was definitely no sleep in store for me as trying to fit all the goodies in my suitcase was quite a mission. Spending 5 weeks in a place, you’re bound to do some damage to your bank account. Seeing that it was winter I experienced a lot of misty mornings but on this particular morning the sun was out and I regard it as my send off from the United Arab Emirates. *Give me my moment so that I can feel important*. Sunrise in Abu Dhabi on the balcony is magical. IMG_1954Breakfast was served and my last place was the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The place was beautiful. The prices of everything was beautiful (not the good beautiful) but the scenery was picturesque. One day when I’m big, I want to go for tea and scones at the palace. One day when I’m even bigger than the big that I just mentioned… Then I want to stay over at the Emirates palace. EmiratesPalaceI looked around and there was actual gold door knobs, picture frames and the world’s largest and most expensive Christmas tree which is estimated to cost $11m. I don’t even want to convert that. Things you don’t really see all too often.  My visit at the palace was short but beautiful. Also the furniture … TO DIE FOR. I may or may not have wanted to lay on it but I had to remind myself that I was in a place far from home. After the Palace Tour I went to the beautiful little place called Al Reem Island. Now the thing with Al Reem Island is that, if ever I wanted to live in my own beautiful apartment in a new country then Al Reem would be it. The apartments are beautiful, the views are spectacular and you wouldn’t want to leave your apartment complex. IMG_2366It is situated so close to everything, the architectural aspects of the buildings are fascinating and this is coming from an individual that has zero interest in such goodies. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that kind of view. Now even till my last day in the UAE, people still assumed I was Turkish and hell I just went with it … Must be the scarf? Must be the skin colour? Now I need to go to Turkey and see how well I’m received over there. IMG_2364Excuse the super short post today, I think I’ve given the UAE enough praising and I really do want to head back one day. This is my last post about my adventures in the beautiful Middle Eastern country and then I have one last post that’s all about the goodies that I’ve learned in the UAE. In my next post I have some awesome pictures to share that I snapped from the plane the morning I flew back to Cape Town. Thank you darlings for reading about my amazing trip. If you do have some extra cash… The Emirates Palace Hotel has a scone with your name on it! ;(


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