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Fashion Friday: The Cut Out Boot

Today I thought I would brace you with a Bootylicious new trend (excuse me for being cheesy) that is the cut out boot of course. This trend has been a long time coming, I’ve been spotting it since 2013 on most of my fave international fashion bloggers sites and then started noticing them in stores and online here in SA. I love love love how versatile these booties are. I’ve see people wearing at music festivals like Coachella and on the red carpet! I never notice the many style variations of an item until I start researching it for my blog.

On the net I was surprised to see the different styles and prices of these boots. I guess I just didn’t pay much attention to it until I spotted them on everybody’s feet.Boots

  • Woolworths – R899
  • Mr Price – R189.99
  • Mr Price – R189.99
  • Legit – R399.99
  • Top Shop – R649
  • Truworths – R599

These booties are definitely a game changer. I think it can been worn all year around because of the cut out feature. With a dress for summer, a light knit and jeans( or whatever your choice of bottoms) for autumn and a chunky coat or jacket for winter. I think that if you’re going to invest in a staple item like this then rather pay the moola for the good ones.

For my celeb inspiration today, I went with 3 different celebrities wearing it three different ways. I say if its good enough for Chiara Ferragni then its good enough for us me! See what I mean by versatility? These women are rocking them boots.Celebs cut out booys

I’m keep it short and sweet this week. Yay or Nay for the cut out boot?


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