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{Review} MAC Candy Yum Yum and a spot on dupe.

I haven’t done a beauty review in months and I thought that today would be the perfect opportunity to do so and also share my thoughts on probably one of the most popular lipstick shades in the beauty bloggersphere. This is definitely a cult favourite and now I can see why.

Desle gifted me the MAC Candy Yum Yum lippie for my birthday and I have to say that its one of those shades that I would avoid at all cost because its just not “me” … Or so I thought. I was a bit hesitant to wear it but I’ve heard so many “this suits you perfectly” compliments so I’m convinced.
IMG_2750This is definitely an “IN YOUR FACE” shade so if you’re not too keen on that idea then this shade is not for you. This shade is matte so you’re guaranteed a long lasting pout. I honestly don’t reapply this shade during the day despite eating and drinking. When removing this lipstick in the afternoon when I get home to switch to my lipbalm, I really do have to use makeup remover or else there’s still a light pink shade on my lips which transfers onto my lipbalm. That’s just how great the quality is.
IMG_2752Now let me fill you in on a lil secret. I know not everybody is willing to pay R180+ for a lipstick so I have the perfect dupe for those that wants to try this shade but needs to consider their budget. I recently spotted a shade of lipstick in the Avon brochure and decided to purchase it for round about R70. When I got the lippie it was supposed to be a fuchsia shade but it turned out to be a neon like shade identical to Candi Yum Yum and the staying power is on par with CYY. The lipstick is called Avon – Ultra Colour Bold in Fearless Fuchsia.
IMG_2754Seeing that this is a long wear lipstick, I do tend to lick my lips and this lippie is just not something that I like getting in my mouth, so restrain from licking. I do find that if I reapply this lippie when I don’t exfoliate my lips, its best to wipe it off entirely rather than applying it over the current layer or else it looks streaky.

Pro Tip: when going for this shade or any neon shade, the best thing to do is exfoliate your lips or else the lipstick settles into the cracks of your lips and/or it applies chalky and/or when it starts wearing off the you’re left with little pieces of dry skin. If you feel that lip exfoliators are too pricey (in my opinion they totally are!) Then follow my easy peasy lemon squeezey DIY over here, and make your own.

Which MAC lipstick is your ultimate fave and should be on my lippie list for next purchases?


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