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Travels: UAE 2014/15 {Global Village} – Part 4

global village twoToday I thought I would carry on with my travel posts. Thing is; I’ve been away for 5 weeks and there was a lot to see (and shop) which means I have a lot to say. Dubai seems like everybody’s destination of choice these days so sharing my wonderings is a MUST, use it – don’t use – but you will if you really want to see the UAE.IMG_20150306_182549 I shopped at all the swoon-worthy stores, whoever said that goodies in Dubai was cheap clearly didn’t shop there. Things are pricey for those coming from SA but not those living there. The Souk like shops are where I wanted to be. If you EVER visit the UAE … EVER … Please do visit Global Village and make sure you take enough money with you.IMG_20150306_181515 How do I put this? You’re going to want everything! What is global village you ask? “Global Village is Dubai’s leading family entertainment and cultural attraction with a unique shopping experience at 31 pavilions each representing a different country. Global Village also offers a variety of dining options from different cuisines, along with thrill rides and children rides at the Fantasy Island. Launched in 1997, Global Village was first based on the Creek side then Oud Metha then Dubai Festival City, until it found a permanent home in 2005 on Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road Exit 37”IMG_2173 I was luck enough to have visited the UAE while Global Village was still open because they only traded from 6th November 2014 until 11th April 2015 (every year). There was definitely no strategy in place when I went, I usually have one. I went around on the net looking for places to visit in the UAE before I left and Global Village popped up. I saw it as the Mecca of cheap goodies.IMG_20150306_202831 I have to warn you though, please go with comfy shoes. One thing that confused me though is that the place was ALWAYS packed with humans. You had your fair share of foreigners but majority were the Emiratis. As you can tell in my pictures there’s quite some time elapsed as I went the afternoon but only left at 12am with 3 bags. I found it challenging moving around and you definitely won’t cover all of the pavilions, they are huge!IMG_20150306_202938 Food + Entertainment: In some of the pavilions they had their own entertainment especially in Pakistan. Geewhizz those people had a party in there. I recall one sheik jumping up and down like the roof was on fire and then proceeded to jump on my toe. If you don’t make your way to the party pavilion that is Pakistan, don’t fret. On the main stage was quite a few festivities happening. The restaurants however were crazy packed! It took me 2 hours finding a place to dine and even then I had to settle for nachos and non alcoholic beer that tasted something close to urine. Pro tip: Items are reasonable priced, if you spot an Urban Decay palette for like 90 Dirham, obviously its going to be fake. I forgot to mention that Global Village is also the Mecca of fake goods so please be aware. All in all. Would I visit Global Village again? Absolutely! Would I go with a strategy? You bet ya! Would I take more money? I have to! Btw – General Admission Tickets are only 15 AED! Win win.


3 thoughts on “Travels: UAE 2014/15 {Global Village} – Part 4

  1. You making me fall in love with a place I’ve never been to… One day is one day, I will be visiting the Use 😃

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