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{Part 2} My Acrylic Makeup Storage units

Yesterday I introduced to you my new acrylic storage unit that the awesome peeps over at Glam Cubes have sent me and I also mentioned how long I’ve been lusting after an acrylic organiser. In the super long period of 3 years, I knew that I  needed to get my hands on MY OWN box, that pesky little voice in my head just wouldn’t go away.
IMG_2653I then saw that Dischem had a cheaper version of the acrylic storage units and then the rest = history. I had someone track them down for me and sent it to me from JHB. As my makeup collection grew I needed another one and my second set of drawers were sent to me too. The price that I paid for my boxes were R100 per set of drawers and R70 for the lipstick holder on top. Kudos to Dischem for considering us budget girls.
IMG_2654I decided to stack them ontop of each other and give the impression of an entire unit. I think this was and still is such an affordable way of starting your acrylic organiser set when you can’t just fork out R2000 and even though I have my Glam Cubes, I’m still using my Dischem set.
IMG_2656While in the UAE I visited Ikea, the house of acrylic organisers but honestly it was way too expensive. I then visited Lifestyle. I wish I discovered Lifestyle in the earlier weeks of my holiday. In the Dec/January period, Lifestyle had a major sale but majority of their acrylic goodies were sold out (Murphy’s law). I however discovered this awesome little duo that I placed at the top of my Glam Cubes organiser (sorry I didn’t take a close up picture). It holds my face brushes and the other pump holder came in handy when a bottle of my handwash broke.

Put the 3 sets together and voila! My entire collection cost under R1000. No need to fork out thousands to have your own fancy smanchy makeup organisers.


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