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{Part 1} Acrylic Makeup Storage : Glam-Cubes

Ever since I started venturing into the world of beauty blogging, I’ve been dying to get my hands on an acrylic makeup organiser. This is 4 years back before the hype around acrylic organisers began. At the time Ice Box was the only acrylic manufacturer around but they were crazy expensive. Obviously when you’re in your gap year, you don’t have moola to spend on R2000 acrylic boxes so admiring the box was closest to owning one. I then bought myself a plastic organiser with draws but who was I fooling? I still wanted a “Kardashian” organiser. So when the new year came around, the ever so lovely people over at Glam Cubes decided to spoil me with a 3 drawer acrylic organiser which is not your common perspex. Mine is tinted in a stunning red-ish shade with a flip lid and dividers. In my new organiser I store most of my new products and products that are too big for the mini one that I have. IMG_2639Firstly let’s talk quality; Glamcubes uses  1/4″ and 3/8″ thick Lucite acrylic sheets which is the reason why their organisers are so sturdy. Nobody wants to spend money on something flimsy so you know that you’re spending money on something that’s going to last you years. As soon as I received my organiser I started filling it and there was fingerprints all over it and it showed up as I was photographing for this post, but with my box I got a free cloth which cleaned it LIKE A DREAM in SECONDS! With my box I also received 4 nifty little non-slippage rubbers (I may or may not have made that term up because I have no idea what its called) which you stick to the bottom of your organiser to prevent it from slipping or moving around when on your vanity or dressing table. I wish my other organisers had these because the constant moving around when pulling the draws out irritates me so I have to use both hands. Those nifty little rubbers also prevents scratches on your surfaces. IMG_2642Because I’m such a lipstick and lip product person, I’m either going to convert my GlamCubes box into a lip product only box or most likely going to purchase the 24 lipstick holder organiser and place it ontop of my GlamCube. Plus side? Seeing that the flip top will have something ontop of it, doesn’t mean I have to unpack the goodies ontop of it because the draw can still slide out. Haaaa! IMG_2645This organiser currently retails for under R800 and I’ve done some net scouting and at this very moment, GlamCubes are the most affordable acrylic storage retailers in South Africa (and the UAE because I checked) so if you love this whole acrylic business as much as I do, I would totally recommend GlamCubes. If you want to shop some awesome GlamCubes prettiness, connect with them on: Website – Twitter – @GlamCubes Facebook – Glam Cubes Instagram – Glamcubes Pinterest – Glam Cubes Thank You once again Glam Cubes for my awesome box! P.s Catch part 2 of my makeup storage tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “{Part 1} Acrylic Makeup Storage : Glam-Cubes

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  2. I’m looking for the acrylic GLAM dividers (organizers) that was in OPRA’s mag. where her friend Gayle stored her clutch purses. Can you tell me where I can purchase the dividers?

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