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{WIN} There’s a story behind every PS : Win a R50 000 shopping spree for you and 3 friends

Today I’m interrupting my travel posts with a MUST READ, MUST LOVE, MUST ENTER giveaway. I’m pretty sure by now that all of you have seen the Cadbury PS ad with the two friends, Khanyi and Lindi where they have the major fallout… Well that comes with the territory of having friends. You know ; the fun, drama, laughter and tears – the key ingredients to any friendship.
I’m a huge friends person, I believe that friends are the family that we get to choose. Over the past 3 years I’ve met some amazing people at campus that I’ve built friendships with and that I hope to keep and the friendships that I’ve had since school years. Then there’s also the incredible people that I’ve met online that will always have a special place in my heart like Desle, Naeemah and Anazo. Not forgetting my BEST BEST BEST friends, my sisters.
But enough with the soppy stuff. If you’re reading my blog, it means that we’re basically friends and friends tell each other things … Now let me share a lil secret with you. The awesome peeps over at Cadbury told me to tell YOU darlings about the fab new comp that they’re running where Cadbury invites viewers to ‘Unwrap The Story’ behind their (Khanyi and Lindi) friendship on the Cadbury P.S. Facebook page.

By unraveling who the girls are, where they met and why they fall out, you darlings stand a chance to win an ONCE IN A LIFETIME VIP SHOPPING EXPERIENCE for you and three friends to the value of R50 000.
I may or may not have envisioned some of my readers squeal with excitement, I know I did. I wish I could enter the comp too, well readers/friends I leave it in your hands. ENTER N-O-W I would love it if a City Girl Vibe reader won and maybe they would consider me as a friend and take me along on the shopping spree … Kidding … NOT. Now while I eat all of the yumminess that is the lovely press drop that I received from Cadbury P.S., you go on and enter!


4 thoughts on “{WIN} There’s a story behind every PS : Win a R50 000 shopping spree for you and 3 friends

  1. Im so happy Ive fallen in your list of family you got to choose. Im so happy I was lucky enough to find a little sister who understood me like you do 🙂 I love you so much. I will enter the competition and I wouldnt even think twice about taking you with on the shopping spree when I win. Now enjoy those yummies 😛

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