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Travels: UAE 2014/15 Part 2

My 3rd week of my holiday in the Middle East found me feeling all Sex and the City like exploring all the different malls and shopping up a storm at stores that I would usually ugly cry for wishing they were in SA, when spotting all the awesome buys on my fav Youtube vloggers channels.
Untitledkkkkk While over in the UAE, I was traveling between Dubai and Abu Dhabi so I got to know all the malls and sniff my way around stores like Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. Back in SA we have most of the stores that they have in the UAE with the exception of Starbucks, Ikea, Lifestyle and all those other awesome stores that Fashion/Beauty Bloggers dreams are made of.


I knew if I went to Yas Island, I wanted to visit Ferrari World. I’m definitely no car fanatic but I wanted to see a “Michael Schumacher” car up close.


On my way back to SA I saw Ferrari World from the sky and obviously I had to snap a picture. I know I definitely didn’t appreciate it like a car fanatic would’ve but it was all sorts of amazing.


Two weeks on since arriving in the UAE I still experienced a serious case of jetlag. I would sleep most of the day and explore at night, it worked well in my favour because at 4’o clock all the shops would open and that’s where I would go to.


Tomorrow Ill be sharing my most memorable day in the UAE. A place I NEEDED to see!


5 thoughts on “Travels: UAE 2014/15 Part 2

    • I did! Dubai was spectacular. It was amazing experiencing the Emirati’s way of life and I would definitely love to return one day when I’m not a student anymore and I can actually buy all the lovely things that I wish I could.

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