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Fashion Friday: Joggers

I haven’t done a Fashion Friday post in a while so today I thought I’d come back and dazzle you with a trend that I’ve been loving for three seasons in a row. You’re probably thinking “what could this girl possibly be loving for 3 seasons?” Joggers! I tell you, Joggers! Its not often that I really talk about clothes and get this excited about it. I’m trying to tell you about my love for joggers without making it sound creepy. Ok its creepy.

So I was testing the waters and purchased my first pair of black Joggers in January this year when they weren’t that big of deal and only cost R100. Then I realised how much I loved them and how comfortable they were and moved on to more daring prints/colours and now own 5 pairs. Life.
I’ve been doing my rounds online and in store (obviously its my second home) and these crafty little pants are everywhere! Adorning the rails from males to females and let me also add that they are not restricted to size and that’s why I love them so much. I’m not a jeans girl and these pants complete me.

For my picks today I decided to look for 3 celebs that’s wearing very similar designs to the joggers that I’ve picked out as fash inspiration. I’ve also selected different price ranges for those budget girls and the higher end chicas. Not comfy with wearing loud prints? Then there’s solid shades to choose from! I love how you can switch your look up with joggers. As seen in the above/below picks, fashionistas are wearing them with heels, slippers and sneakers. See what I mean? A win win situation!
What’s your verdict on this trend? Love it or leave it?


9 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Joggers

  1. Im totally inlove with joggers too. They are so comfortable and I dont really like jeans so they are my go to pants when I wont be wearing dresses. i love this post.

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