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Excuse my lack of posts lately. I’m so inspired to blog but I’m without internet so just imagine my frustration. Nonetheless I’ve been doing my rounds and I’m quite busy due to something really exciting that Ill be embarking on but Ill share it at a later stage. The stores are packed with Christmas goodies and that ever so attractive red sign that reads “SALE” keeps poking my eyes.

I’m trying to spend as little as possible but *sigh* my brain has a brain of its own so I can’t make rational decisions. I’m dividing my “New in” post into 2 categories again (beauty and fashion) so you can see what Ill be reviewing on the blog soon and all the awesome beauty products on sale.IMG_1869
1- Tickled Pink Fragrance: I picked this fragrance up at Edgars Red Square for such a steal. I purchased it in October in support of breast cancer awareness. Let me add that it was under R100! In the smell/scent category it somewhat reminds me of a Tommy Hilfiger perfume that I wore back in highschool. 80% of my purchase decision was because it was in support of breast cancer awareness and the other 20% was just out of pure curiosity as to how it would smell and fade during the day. I think for a budget fragrance, its not bad. Its not bad at all!
2 – Avon: Two weeks ago I may have gone a little bit purchase happy in the Avon brochure. Their stocking fillers grabbed my attention and I purchased a few “Christmas-y” goodies that I will be giving to a few people. There was also quite a few awesome deals so I took full advantage of that.
3 – Clarins Blush: This little beauty over here is from Clarins. I was going through my stash and found it unused. I got this as a gift from blogger bestie Desle way back in January for my birthday and I probably have quite a few opened eyeshadows so I will TRY to hold off from using it till then.
4 – Woods of Windsor bath & body duo:  When I saw this bath and body duo at Edgars, I fell in love with the name and bottles before I even looked at the price. I would’ve been super depressed if I couldn’t afford it but it was on sale so obviously the budget buyer in me squealed. Ill do a full detailed review on these two when I finish my current stash of Victoria’s Secret products.
5 – Avon: This is my second stash of Avon goodies that I ordered which came just in time for summer. I bought some new sunblock and products to get my tootsies beach ready. I will do full reviews on these in the next few weeks because I don’t have any products that I’m using on my feet.

And that’s the new beauty products in my drawer! Next week Ill post my new fashion purchases. Anything in my stash that you’ve tried?


6 thoughts on “{Beauty} New In

  1. I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

  2. Good day, My wife bought this “tickled pink” perfume. And I must say that it smells lovely ,but do you think that I can find this tickled pink perfume again for my wife.

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