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{Review} Victoria’s Secret: Such A Flirt – Bath & Body ♥

Let me start off by saying that I’m lucky… Very lucky when it comes it using products that I wish were available here in South Africa, that’s not. Majority of the products that’s been reigning in my top beauty products of all time would have to be spoils from Desle. As you’ve seen over the past few weeks, a lot of the products that’s been mentioned on the blog were gifts from Desle that she purchased here locally and some all the way from Qatar. Eeeek how spoilt am I?IMG_1817

So obviously when I received my HUGE birthday box from Desle back in January, I opened my box to two ever so beautiful pink bottles that I could smell even before opening the products. Now everybody knows Victoria’s Secret, right? RIGHT! All of us wants to smell like “an angel”. To say that I was over the moon when I saw these two products in my box would be an understatement.IMG_1826

I went with the hand and body cream first because its obviously the product that I could use right away. When lifting the lid, this fruity, watermelon and strawberries like scent comes oozing out. Its like summer in a tube! I love how it “coats” my skin leaving it feeling super soft and moisturized. The consistency is thick but not to the point where it leaves your skin feeling weighed down or greasy. The fragrance lasts on my skin for quite a few hours and gets absorbed into my clothes (not leaving stains) but gives your clothes such an incredible scent even the second time you wear it.IMG_1825

Then next up I used the body wash. Now with body washes, if it can be used in my footspa then we become besties. This lathers up incredibly well and fast when I turn it to the foam setting on my footspa and a little goes a long way. This body wash is packed with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which is all contributing factors to cleansing, soft and smooth skin. Who doesn’t want that in a body wash? It smells just like the hand and body cream and I find that the scent lasts all day when used together. This body wash is not very thick in consistency and I like that about it because its not a constant battle to get product out of the bottle as with most body washes.IMG_1818

Joburg beauties, you can get excited now. I know that you know that Victoria’s Secret will be opening in Sandton very soon and I hope that they have an extensive beauty range that you darlings can choose from (insert jealous emoji here). But for now Ill being using my two products sparingly.IMG_1819

What’s your thoughts on Victoria’s Secret products? Is it worth all the hype?

P.s products shots taken a few weeks ago.


5 thoughts on “{Review} Victoria’s Secret: Such A Flirt – Bath & Body ♥

  1. Love these shots. I am always so overwhelmed when I walk into one of their stores that I never know which scent to choose. So far they have all been good. Afterall they don’t win fifi awards for nothing. So excited we are getting a VS beauty store in SA but really hope CT will be next.

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