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Empties #2

Its been a few weeks since I did my 1st Empties post and now I’m back with round 2 seeing that I’ve finished a few more products. I’m pretty impressed with myself and how I’m sticking to the “you open it, you finish it” theory. Its been working!
Today I’m sharing some of my absolute fave products with you and I can’t even imagine my beauty routine without 3 of these products. Its products that I swear by and guess what? They’re affordable!

Revlon Flex: Mild Care
This is my holy grail hair shampoo and conditioner. I’ve used brands that triple in price but none of them comes even close to Revlon Flex. This is the only Flex duo that I can use because its gentle on my scalp whereas the  Revlon Flex Balance (Healthy Shine) irritated my scalp. I love how it cleans my hair and how the conditioner gives it this salon quality shine. It works amazingly when it comes to putting life into dull hair and hydrating those split ends (even though a trim is recommended). I’ve learnt a nifty new trick where I use this duo but Ill share it on the blog later on. What’s even more amazing about this Shampoo/Conditioner duo? The price! If my memory serves me correctly, it retails for R19.99 a bottle. WIN WIN!IMG_1802

Will I purchase this again? Absolutely!

LOVE Forever: Hand and Nail Cream.
I popped this hand and nail cream into my basket at Clicks some time last year December when they had a huge beauty sale and I somewhat just forgot about it in my stash. Then trying to make space for new products in my stash I somehow rediscovered it and remembered why I loved it so much. The fragrance of this hand and nail cream is quite girly and reminds me of Tinkerbell products. Its great at hydrating your hands and also prepping it for any nail treatment. One of my biggest concerns when it comes to nail and handcreams is that it’ll make my hands sticky, luckily this didn’t.IMG_1805

Will I purchase this again? Probably. It doesn’t top my best hand and nail creams but its definitely in the top 5.

Sally Hansen: Insta Brite.
I loved darker shades of nail polish and we all know the aftermath of dark nail polish. I used this product religiously when after suffering from stained nails and was so grateful that Desle gave it to me. Maybe when I get back into nail art and nail polish, Ill realise the real value of this product again.IMG_1811

Will I repurchase this again? IF I should get back into nail polish, then absolutely!

Clarins: Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel.
I’m saving the best for last because this is the best discovery in beauty that I’ve encountered this year. I have overly sensitive skin and finding a product that doesn’t trigger irritation is a constant battle, especially in a good face wash or cleanser. This is another product that Desle bought for my birthday and I swear its the best skincare product that I’ve used to date. No irritation, cleans well and even minimizes pores. I love the consistency of this cleansing gel and it also leaves my skin feeling super soft. It didn’t feel as if my skin has been stripped from any natural oils which is usually common in a face wash/cleansing product.IMG_1806

Will I repurchase this product again?
Yes x 1000!

Are there any products in my stash that you’ve tried? What’s your thoughts?


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