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Its that time of the year when I have to perform extra good as my university workload doubles and I’m nearing the end of 2nd year. I’m so far behind with reviews and products are piling up in my beauty drawer. With this whole new “You open it you finish it” theory, its seems like my products are taking forever to finish… In reality its just me being really nosy and wanting to try new products. I’m slowly but surely getting through it all. Today I decided to share what’s new in my stash and what I’m currently testing so you can expect more on these products later on.
Firstly on my list; my new stash of Bath & Body Works products all the way from the UAE. I must admit that this is probably the best load that I’ve received for the past 3 times that I’ve gotten Bath & Body Works products from Dubai. I can’t choose my fave because they’re all so different in fragrance. If you want to read previous Bath & Body Works posts just click here , here, and here.
Finding new products to incorporate into my face (skincare) routine is quite a mission. My overly sensitive skin needs a special kind of TLC or else it acts up. I recently took these two new goodies out of my “new products” stash and I’ve been loving it these past two weeks. Thank You Desle, only you would know what works for my skin.
Being an avid Avon user, I purchased a new lipstick, concealer and the Avon BB Cream. I looked at the shade of BB cream once and I don’t know I feel about it. I shoved it back into the box and next week when I find the courage to actually look at it, Ill apply it to my face … Maybe.
I don’t shop at Dischem much but I was looking for a facemask that wouldn’t strip my face and irritate it so I went with this facemask. It looks interesting and it was a cheap one so obviously it went into my basket.IMG_1727

I mentioned my NYX purchases on the blog before but these two products are just looking at me waiting to be opened. Ill play with you darlings real soon!

And that’s a wrap of all the goodies waiting to be used and that I’m currently testing. Thoughts darlings! Are there any products in my stash that you’ve used and are loving/hating?


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