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Factory Shop Expo 2014

Untitled-2Last weekend I attended the Factory Shop Expo and my regulars knows how much I love expos. So the amazing darlings at the Factory Shop Expo granted me with my media pass and of course I jumped at the opportunity and accepted it gladly because I wanted see what was happening at the expo this year and what CHEAP CHEAP goodies I could snatch up.

I went with the intention to spend R300 only because darlings, if I want to do a little something something at the end of the year (Ill fill you in later) ; I gotta save save save. I went to the expo on the Sunday so by then most of the good stuff was sold and the place was rather empty compared to the Saturday that I went last year. I prefer it that way because then I had more time to browse and move.
At one of the stands I finally found the R4000 suitcase that I’ve been dying to get at only R1500. I haven’ purchased it … But I will. I loved this stand because they sold designer bags and luggage at a fraction of the price and of course yours truly wants everything.
I spent most of my time and moola at the NYX stand. They had some stunning goodies that’s been on my lust have list since forever. All 3 my NYX purchases were less than R200. I haven’t used any of the makeup that I bought because I’m still standing firmly on my “You open it, you finish it” policy so look out for those reviews later on. I have however used my Tampered Powder Brush. Let’s just say I’m in love with it. At R20, I wish they had the entire range!
All in all I love how well organised the expo was. I can already see this becoming a tradition in the future. If there’s only one expo that I can attend every year? This would be it! Thank You Kerin for my pass. It was fun.

P.s excuse the bad quality image, I will update it later today. I had to snap it in jiffy before leaving for campus this morning.


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