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Bloggers And Bags: Leana Henke – Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger #15

LeanaThis whole blogger and their bags story is far from being over… Yes I’m still looking into the handbags of my fave bloggers (I’m nosey like that). Today I’m featuring the spongebob loving, cupcake eating, Hey Gorgeous expert Leana Henke.

Take a look into the Handbag of Leana…unnamed (1)

About the bag: I generally give names to inanimate objects … like my Nexus Tablet is “Nexie”, my car is “Schlakkie” and so forth. So it comes as no surprise that I gave my handbags names to easily identify them 🙂 My favourite one is called Black West (I have two Nine West handbags – the other one is called Yellow West). Ginger (my boyfriend of 5 and a half years) gave it to me last Christmas and we’ve been inseparable ever since. I love this bag because I can fit my whole life into it – I’m always on the move and I don’t have time to think of what I need to fit in my handbag. Black West allows me to hunk everything in there – he never complains.

Here’s my list of handbag ingredients:
1 Shield oxygen deodorant
2. Garnier invisible roll on
3. Oh So heavenly hand sanitiser
4. Andolex – C – throat spray
5. Airwaves
6. Cranberry Lipice
7. PizBuin – lipbalm
8. Avon lipgloss – Nourishing nude
9. Lipice OohAah competition stickers
10 Spur Sweetieunnamed (2)
11 Nomu’s Skinny Hot Chocolate
12 Herbalife’s Instant tea (Peach)
13 Evox CLA slimming tablets
14 Alcophyllex – cough syrup
15 Mini Nine – My Nine west purse
16 Hey Gorgeous Marshmallow body mousse
17 Karen Murrell natural lipstick – Red Shimmer
18 Glamour/Dream Nails discount voucherunnamed
19 Herbalife Tang Kuei – it’s a natural mood stabiliser
20 Revlon – lipgloss
21 Burberry Body – Oh My Gaaaah… this is my fave perfume ever
22 Yardley Beyond Juicy – Oh My Gaaaah… just try it
23 Elf eye liner
24 Yardley HD colour define – this is a life saver unnamed (3)Thank You so much Leana for showing us what you carry around in your handbag, You defs take the cake (or red velvet cupcake) for the most items carried around in a dudettes handbag!  I had so much fun peeping in your handbag.

Connect with Leana on:

Blog: Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger

Twitter: @LeanaHenke

Facebook: Hipstyler Pretty & Ginger


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