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{Review} Avon Colortrend Concealer

I love flipping through the Avon brochure and finding new products that seems interesting and worth it. The best part is, if its a total fail I’m okay with that because the brand is so affordable. So my fave Yardley concealer which is the only one that I ever repurchased and loved ran out and it was time to get a new one so I thought that I might as well try a new brand of concealer.
This concealer was on special retailing at R70 for 2. I have to say that I wasn’t entirely sure if this concealer would fit my complexion because there was only 3 shades to choose from and one cannot choose something like this from a brochure, so I went with Medium. I definitely got it at a steal and it was cheaper than my previous one. Firstly I suck at using foundation. It feels as if my skintone changes all the time and that the shade that I get matched to at whichever counter only seems fitting at that moment. I have to settle for BB Cream instead. Now I only ever tried Garnier’s BB Cream and I’ve actually come to love it seeing that I had minor issues with it before. The Garnier BB Cream however only offers light-medium coverage for me so wearing a concealer underneath is a must and a tinted pressed powder over the BB Cream tops it all off and keeps it in place.

Firstly what I loved about this concealer is that it looked like a lipstick. It was easy to use and to apply on the areas that I needed it to cover. I very seldom use a concealer brush with this concealer because the heat of my fingers makes it melt into my skin effortlessly. This is by far the first concealer that I’ve ever used that melted into my skin so fast and I love it! The consistency is very creamy but when blended into the skin you can hardly tell that there’s any product applied.
It blends in with your skintone but covers up whichever “imperfections” you want covered. To me it feels as if this concealer has moisturising properties to it because with my previous concealer was very drying on the skin whereas this one applies smoothly… Maybe its my imagination?

All in all I would definitely repurchase it again. It might not offer full coverage but hey, its pretty darn good for a budget brand! Would I recommend this? Absolutely! It also makes a great base for any makeup that you’ll apply afterwards.


3 thoughts on “{Review} Avon Colortrend Concealer

  1. I love this review, I have been using an Avon concealer (also medium) for a year now. It is amazing! I’m going to try this one as well 🙂

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