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{Review} The New Cadbury TopDeck Bubbly

You probably never thought that you would EVER see the day that chocolate would feature on this blog hey?! But today Ill be telling you about the yumminess that is the New Cadbury Dairymilk Topdeck Bubbly. As many of you know, I’m not a huge chocolate fan so I wasn’t expecting much of this chocolate… Until I had one bite.
So the awesome peeps over at Cadbury sent me this new choccie and asked me to share my thoughts. Firstly, the original bubbly is probably one of the only chocolates that I do buy and like. Then I also somewhat like white chocolate. So the two together had my taste-buds curious.
When it comes to chocolate I’m a sucker not a chewer, this probably sounds gross but its true. Well the TopDeck Bubbly melts on your tongue and you can really taste the two chocolates. I love how you can feel the bubbles bursting on your tongue. The taste is rich and creamy but not overly sweet, which gives it a nice balance.
I know loyal TopDeck fans and existing Bubbly fans are going to love the new addition to the Cadbury brand. Keep a lookout for it, It launched on the 1st of May but is highly in demand because I haven’t spotted it in stores since its release.
Just like all the Cadbury slabs, the New TopDeck Bubbly also has the re-sealable strip which is a huge plus for me seeing that I don’t gobble it up all at once. It prevents my bag from looking like a hot chocolate mess and the chocolate staying fresher for longer. Thank You Cadbury for the sweet treat.

P.S: (excuse the pun) This year, Cadbury P.S. is giving one lucky fan and her best friend an opportunity to shop till they drop in Paris. I know anybody would give a body part for that opportunity, No? Buy the promotional P.S as shown below and you might just be the lucky girl. This is definitely every shopping loving girl’s dream.image004



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