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Bloggers And Bags: Cindy Alfino – 3Kids 2Dogs 1Old House #14

Today I take a look into one of my fave bloggers handbags… And guess what? She’s not a fashion or beauty blogger. I love Cindy’s blog because she’s real and its nice being able to read ‘honest realness’ opposed to sponsored beauty/fashion posts. I’ve stopped reading many blogs because it started to look advertisements and I’ve replaced it with mommy blogs, Cindy’s blog is one of them. I love love love taking a look into her life and reading about her family and even learning things even though I’m not a mom or even close it.

Enough with my rambling, take a look into Cindy’s handbag.

This bag was a birthday present from Seth about 3 or 4 years ago.  It used to look a lot less worn even though the strap broke just a week after buying it (hence the knot and random sticky outy bit on the side).  It’s genuine leather though so it might be around for a while still.

I broke up what was in my bag into two categories – What should be in my bag and what shouldn’t.  Disclaimer – I am a Mom of 3.  Nothing is my own anymore.

What should be in my bag:

1. My wallet that I have had since matric,  It could possibly be time to update it.  Actually it’s definitely time.
2. My ID book, you never know when you’re going to need it.
3. A few beauty products – Dermalogica hand/nail cream and lipstick for when I need a bit of a lift.
4. Hot air balloon mirror that I received as a secret santa present last year, it’s so cute I love it.
5. My Carol Boyes business card holder
6. A flash drive that a friend gave me last year this time to put pictures of her daughters party on it.  Obviously because it’s still there it means that I’ll be adding this years pictures before I send it back (sorry Zoe!!)
7. A necklace that Seth gave me that was a total surprise – one of my favourite pieces of jewellery of all time.
8. Probiotics because I was recently on antibiotics and (when I remember to take them) I’m responsible like that.
9. A sweet little key ring that a client brought over for me from Holland
10. Random coins that must have fallen out of my wallet
11. A copious amount of pens although I can never find one when I’m actually looking.

Now, this is a whole lot of stuff that shouldn’t be in my bag but has been for at least the last 6-10 months.  

1. Riya’s sunglasses that she insists on wearing in to school in the morning but then taking off for me to take home when I drop her off.
2. Beauty products and jewellery for my girls – obviously necessary in case they have to paint their nails while at the park
3. Hair ties for the girls.  I swear I used to have a very cute little purse for it but the girls must have gotten hold of it.
4. A ping pong ball?  We don’t even have the game.  In fact no one I know has it either.  How on Earth we have the ball I will never know.
5. Sweets from restaurants.  Seth makes me take them for him to eat later, but he never does. Clearly.
6. A bunch of papers that no longer hold meaning or value.  I know right?  I’m possibly the worst person to do this kind of feature!
7. The girls school photos that I have now forgotten to order in time for 2 years in a row.  Oops :/
8. A pair of rolled up socks.  This one baffles me.  I honestly don’t even know if they’re even clean.
9. I took this thing off my keys like a year ago…  But I didn’t want to lose it, so obviously it’s live here since.
10. I literally had a couple of rocks, acorns and random bits of nature combined with a rogue doll shoe hiding out in my bag.  I never even knew.
11. More hair clips for the girls, because they NEVER have enough!
12. A ring and a sticker.  Because, mother…

I never use the word “lol” in a post but I had a major LOL moment when I read Cindy’s post. Its definitely one of my absolute fave Bloggers And Bags posts that I’ve done over the post 2 years. Thank You Cindy for showing us what you (and your babies) carry around in your handbag. Definitely give ‘3Kids 2Dogs 1Old House’ a read. You won’t regret it.

Connect with Cindy on:
Blog: 3Kids 2Dogs 1Old House

Twitter: @CindyAlfino

Facebook: 3Kids 2Dogs 1Old House


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