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{Review} Bath & Body Works – Dark Kiss Body Lotion + Japanese Cherry Blosson Perfume Mist

So this week on the blog I’ve got a beauty overload mainly because I’m currently on holiday( just one week…hence the frequent blogging) and I find that beauty reviews are easier to blog about and its also the items/products that I carry around with me in my overnight bag. Still drowning in all my birthday gifts, I’ve currently been using the Dark Kiss Body Lotion from the Signature Collection and the Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance mist. Here are my thoughts:

As you can see this bottle is still quite full. I’ve used it a few times, not because I don’t like it but because I feel that the scent represents more of a winter feel. As for my past experience with Bath And Body Works products, the quality is great. I love how thick and rich this formula is and how easy it absorbs into your skin.

This scent lingers on my skin long after I’ve applied it and I find that it works even better after a bath. I have to say though; its a tad bit sweet so I add a teeny tiny bit Aqueous Cream to it to take the overly sweet scent away.

From all my previous Bath And Body Works products that I’ve reviewed on the blog, The Japanese Cherry Blossom still remains my fave BUT… For some reason this room fragrance mist is not tickling my fancy, more like tickling my nose. To me this definitely doesn’t smell the same as the Japanese Cherry Blosson Shower Gel that I reviewed on the blog some time last year. This smell is more sweet whereas the shower gel was more fruity. I do however find that when I spray this in a room and leave, come back a few minutes later then only I get the fruity scent that is present from the shower gel.

I probably wouldn’t buy these two products if I had to purchase it for myself but I’m quite grateful that I got to try it out. I find that I lean towards fruity scents more than what I do sweet scents. I wish that Bath And Body Works products were available in South Africa so that I could choose my own personal fave scents but I would definitely repurchase some of the Japanese Cherry Blossom range.


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