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{I Love} Photoblox

To me, a picture is not a picture until its been printed and that’s become a really rare thing since everybody just walks around with their cell and tablets where they can view their pictures on. Today Ill be filling you darlings in on an amazing new discovery of mine called Photoblox.

What is Photoblox you ask?
Photoblox is the initiative of Cape Town based designer Roché Du Toit, that prints your pictures onto wood. We’ve been seeing a lot of brands popping up that prints your Instagram pictures and Photoblox does that AND if you’re not on Instagram, don’t fret! Photoblox allows you to send in your own pictures to get printed on wood so you don’t have to feel excluded.

Photoblox makes everything from:

•Button Tables
•Leaning shelves
•inspirational quote blox
•Quirky coaster blox

But most of all turns your beautiful captured memories into work of art. I love how different it is and makes for such a great display in your home or office. At Design Indaba 2014, Photoblox was by far my fav stand. I loved viewing their amazing work.

I was lucky enough to have 3 of my pictures printed and I’m blown away by the quality of the blox. The pictures printed on it is silky smooth and stands out. I can’t wait to find a special place for them in my home, definitely a space where I can show them off. Photoblox also makes for a great gifts for christmas/birthday or decor purposes because its affordable, unique and hassle free. I could go on and on as to why Photoblox is amazing so I’d suggest that you try it out for yourself

Don’t forget to connect with Photoblox on the following social media sites:
Website: Photoblox.co.za
Facebook: Photoblox
Twitter: @Photoblox


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