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Bloggers And Bags : Lauren – Cool Kids Only #12

LaurenToday I’m onto my second Bloggers and Bags post for the year and I’m taking a looksee into the ever so sweet Lauren that blog’s over at Cool Kids Only. Lauren is one of the most humble bloggers that I’ve met in a long time and I’ve been dying to peek into this Fashion Loving girl’s handbag.

Here goes:

Hey City Girl Vibe readers

Firstly, a huge thank you to Tasneem for asking me to be part of such a super cool series on her amazing blog. Although I am not exactly sure my bag and its contents are blog worthy LOL, I am certainly very happy to share it.  I bought this bag late last year at Fashion Express mainly because of my slight obsession with cobalt blue. I also love the size of it and the faux snakeskin detail.

IMG03932-20140303-1038If you know me very well, you know how much of a neat freak and I try keep my bag as tidy as I possibly can, which is not always the easiest thing with a 3 year old. Nevertheless, let’s move on to what I keep in my bag on a day to day basis.IMG03935-20140303-1046

  • I always have a magazine in my bag. It helps me a lot when I am bored but it is also a great source of inspiration as a blogger.
  • My pencil case containing my  writing equipment because I am a serial note maker
  • The book where I keep all my thoughts and blog ideas in
  •  My student card
  •  Berocca for those early mornings
  • This little “ I love you” button my son gave me
  •  Different stud earrings in case I feel the need to switch them up
  •  My favourite sunglasses
  • Some Creamy Caress hand lotion
  • My make up bag

That’s pretty tidy right? I try to stick to the same principle when it comes to my make up bag.


Here is what’s in my make up bag…

  •  Revlon Colour Stay foundation in Toast
  •  Makeup brushes which I bought solely based on how they look
  • 12 colour palette in Naked Truth from Colours Limited
  •  4 colour palette in Berries from Colours Limited
  •  Essence silky touch blush
  • Maybelline Illegal Definition mascara
  •  Lip Ice Jello’s (original)
  •  Hard Candy Fortune gloss
  •  Lip crayon in “Catwalk” from Colours Limited
  • Miss Signature Mood Lip gloss

 As you can see I have some commitment issues when it comes to what I put on my lips. I sincerely hope you enjoyed taking a look inside my bag. I, for one, had an awesome time partaking in this series.

 Thank you Lauren for the continuous support and kind words. You always manage to brighten my day. You can connect with Lauren on :

Her Blog: Cool Kids Only
Twitter: @Ckoblog
Facebook: CKO cool kids only blog


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