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{Review} Bath & Body Works – Twilight Woods

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Tomorrow Ill share all of my birthday spoils with you but today Ill be reviewing one of my birthday gifts which is from Bath & Body Works Signature Collection. I still don’t get why this brand is not available in South Africa because their products are amazing! The Twilight Woods range is perfect for the upcoming cold months as the fragrance of it is very autumn/winter appropriate.

I’ve been using it since January and there’s not much out of the bottle because a little goes a long way. The fragrance of this shower gel is packed with hints of apricot nectar, mimosa petals and tuscan cyprus. I find that this fragrance lasts long on my skin and when I try applying body lotion or body butter onto my skin afterward, its a tad overpowering if the scent doesn’t complement the shower gel. When smelling the scent directly from the bottle my nose act up but when I use it in the shower it works like a dream!
I usually just squeeze a small amount into the palm of my hand and it lather’s up perfectly. It works even better with a sponge or pouf. That’s one of the quality’s of Bath & Body Works that I absolutely love. Another fave of mine? The non-runny labels. I leave this in the shower all the time and the labels are still the same.

If I had to compare it to Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom range then I’d say that I’m more of a Japanese Cherry Blossom fan as the Twilight Woods range’s scent is for more of a mature market {I hope I’m making sense. No?}. It took me a while to get used to this fragrance as I’m more of a fruity scent chica but I know that my mom loves it.
All in all Ill most probably stop using it until the colder months hit the Cape but for now I’m still enjoying my Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel. Any of you darlings ever tried something from Bath & Body Works? I’d love to hear your opinions on it.


4 thoughts on “{Review} Bath & Body Works – Twilight Woods

  1. I have been eyeing their scented candle range. I feel like I can smell the candle through the pictures :-))) I want to go shopping in qatar again!! But you must come with me. We would go crazy!

    • I definitely think you’d love their products. especially the fruity scents. LOL I think we would need loads of money when we go to Qatar together. we might not want to come back!

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