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Lippies I’m loving at the moment #1

I’m a huge lipstick lover and I bet I didn’t even have to mention it because everybody knows it by now. I love trying new ones and this is definitely the year that I want to experiment with different colours. I believe that you really don’t have to own Dior or Chanel lipsticks to know that you have a fab lippie in your stash, even though my Nude Dior Lippie hardly gets used. I prefer colour so one nude lippie in my collection is over enough.
So today Ill be sharing my Top 5 lippies that I’ve been absolutely loving.

1) Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss {Rossetto 05}
I’ve reviewed this lipstick before and its definitely one of my most loved lighter shades. It smells yummy and without a doubt a great addition to my lipstick stash. Its a nice break from the bolds that I’m use to.

2) Bourjois Shine {21 Rouge Making Of}
I got this in a massive box filled with amazing gifts from Desle. Ill definitely give a full review on this next week. This is my first reddish orange-ish lipstick and its by far my fave lippie this month. Keep an eye out for my review.

3) Revlon Colorburst {030 Fuchsia}
This is without a doubt the best Fuchsia lipstick that I’ve ever tried. I’m so sad that its been discontinued and as you can see, its so close to being done but I am definitely looking into other Revlon lipsticks that’s close to this shade.

4) Mr Price – Bella Cosmetics {Red}
This lipstick was labeled as “red” but it looks more fuchsia to me. This lippie is so close to the Revlon lipstick but Ill tell you more about it in 2 weeks time. I don’t want to give too much away but its definitely worth the R20 that I paid for it and it smells super yummy too.

Those are my top lippies that I’m loving. Any suggestions on new lippies that I should be trying?


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