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Bloggers And Bags : Naeemah – The Jam Jar #11

banner2Its my first Bloggers & Bags series for the year and I thought I’d kick it off by featuring one of my fave people that I’ve met on Twitter last year. Today I’m taking a looksee into the handbag of Naeemah that blogs over at The Jam Jar. Naeemah’s blog is definitely one of the less pretentious blogs on the interwebs and I enjoy reading what goes on in the head of my friend with the specials needs.

Here goes:

Hiii City Girl Vibe readers 🙂
I recently got this Pierre Cardin Peta Messenger Bag in black and I’ve been
wearing ever since I bought it. I love over Across The Body type of handbags because it’s not in the way and your hands are free to do whatever.

So what’s in my handbag??

1. Pierre Cardin Peta Messenger Bag in Black
2. Brush Set
3. Osman’s Warehouse Makeup Bag
4. Factorie Faux Snake Skin Purse
5. Sony Xperia Go in White
6. For some odd reason I skipped number 6 -______-
Oh well.
7. Oh So Heavenly Viva La Vanilla Body Spritzer
8. Eos Lipbalm in Summer Fruit
9. Inhaler
10. White Rabbit Days business card
11. The Body Shop’s Vanilla Bliss hand cream
12. Babylips lipbalm in Cherry Meunnamed

Makeup Bag:

13. 27Pinkx 10 Piece Travel Brush set
14. Catrice The Giant Extreme Volume in Black
15. Catrice Gel Eyeliner in Blackjack with Jack Black
16. Essence Gel Eyeliner in Midnight in Paris
17. eos Lipbalm in Sweet Mint
18. Avon Super Extend Extreme Mascara in Black
19. Essence Mattifying Compact Powder in Soft Beige
20. Essence Beauty Beats Blush in Groupie at Heart
21. Essence Lipliner in Red Blush
22. Essence Stays No Matter What Eyeliner in Black
23. Babylips Lipbalm in Peach Kiss
24. Lush Lipbalm in Lip Service

I am so grateful to be apart of the Blogger and Bags series so thank you so
much, Tasneem
I hope you and your readers enjoyed looking into my bag!

Thank you Naeemah my blogger bestie for showing us what you carry around. I was definitely expecting an empty Wakaberry container in your bag.

Don’t forget to connect with Naeemah on:
Twitter : @NaeemaoSupremo

Facebook: The Jam Jar Blog

Youtube: The Jam Jar Blog


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