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City Sightseeing on my Birthday {Part 2}

I’m super excited, hip hip hooray,
Today I’ll be visiting the fishing village of Hout Bay.
Hop aboard the red bus peninsula tour,
We guarantee lots of fun, not a single bore.

Our first stop on this enjoyable ride,
is The World of Birds, with ostriches, penguins and peacocks with pride

Filled with excitement we pass Kirstenbosch, Contantia and many scenic bends,
Till we finally reach the sanctuary with our feathery friends
With aviaries so spacious, that you’re able to walk through,
Over 300 bird species and small animals, the things to look at are definitely not only a few.
We see turtles, owls and parrots, a very wide array,
We also pay a visit to the monkey jungle where the squirrel monkeys play.
Dangling in the branches up above in the air,
these inquisitive creatures hop up on your shoulder to play with your hair.

Before we head off to Mariners Wharf,
Let’s take a stroll through the secret garden with the fairies and dwarf.
There’s so much to see here, I wish we could stay the whole afternoon,
But we’ll definitely be back to pay them a visit real soon.

Back onto the bus we hop,
To Mariners Wharf which is our next stop.

There are fishing vessels and tiny ships,
There are also white sandy beaches and cafes selling fish and chips
The curio shops have stunning things like oysters with pearls,
and on the seaside market you’ll find catapults for boys and bracelets for girls

Let’s take a cruise to the island with seals,
When we return we can have some yummy seafood meals

All aboard the glass bottomed charter boat,
Around the Sentinel Mountain to seal island we shall float.
The wind is strong so hold on to your hat,
As we watch the seals feed in their natural habitat.
As we head back to shore, we think of our awesome day,
The sun, the sea, and also the birds of prey.

The experience was wonderful and definitely fun,
What a pity the day is now done.


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