Adventures of a city girl

Life’s a BEACH!

I’ve been MIA off the blog for most of Dec because my sister got married and you know all the planning and preparation that goes into that. As soon as the wedding was over I decided that clear blue skies, sandy Cape Town beaches and sporting a weird tan would be my faith. I bet I’ve been on the beach more than what I’ve been home this month.

From road tripping along the coast to enjoying a day at the beach not too far from home, definitely made me love my city more. I guess the saying “You don’t need a holiday, you need Cape Town” is true in this case.

Quick Recap: Thank you to everybody for the positive feedback on the layout and new look of City Girl Vibe. I thought its time that I headed into a new direction and this is the first time that I’m truly happy with my blog design. This will be the look that Ill be sticking to. I felt that too much was going on with my previous design. There was too much colour and it took away from the content posted.

Now let me share my holiday snaps with you. These pictures tells the perfect story…

IMG_0096 IMG_0132IMG_0212 IMG_0447 IMG_0673 IMG_0770 IMG_0772 IMG_225154


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