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{Review} Schwarzkopf – Gliss Liquid Silk

Logo_SchwarzkopfOne of the brands that made it onto my Top 5 fave beauty brands for 2013 would have to be Schwarzkopf. Its hands down my fave haircare brand when it comes to hair treatments and now also hair colour.IMG_0797 Last year I was sent some great Schwarzkopf products from the Gliss Hair Repair – With Liquid Keratin range which consisted of a shampoo, conditioner, hairmask and express repair conditioner. I’ve been using these products a good few weeks so I can vouch for all them thoroughly. Now I’ve said it a million times, after my Ombre last year my hair experienced some immense damage. Ever since then I’ve been on the lookout for products to restore my hair but yet make it look pretty.

Gliss Liquid Silk Shampoo: R52.99 (250ml)
Firstly I go about my usual routine with the Shampoo. It lather’s up amazingly and a little goes a long way. I still however do my two washes. I love the fragrance of this shampoo. Its not very overpowering, I would’ve loved it if the scent had a tad bit more of a punch. Even so, the fragrance lingers in my hair till my next wash.
Gliss Liquid Silk Conditioner: R52.99 (250ml)
The thick creamy formula of this conditioner is my absolute fave! I love how it coats my hair and makes my hair feel instantly lighter and more manageable after rinsed. In my experience with this conditioner, my hair had a lot of body (volume) after using the conditioner and the shine that it gives my hair is superb.
Gliss Liquid Silk Express Repair Conditioner: R89.99 (200ml)
I can’t use leave in conditioners because my hair ends up being a greasy mess. This is the first leave in hair conditioner that I was able to use. This is by far my most loved item of the bunch. The Liquid Silk Express Repair Conditioner was definitely my summer beach hair lifesaver for those days at the beach where my hair needed some protection from the sun yet keep it in tact.
Gliss Liquid Silk Intensive Shine Mask R89.99 (200ml)
The product that restored my split end, dry hair. I would suggest this treatment to anybody who’s hair experienced some beating this summer. After rinsing the product out of my hair, it instantly felt more healthier and manageable. I love how I didn’t have to brush my hair to detangle it. This is not a `frizz free` product but I definitely didn’t experience any frizz when using the mask. My only negative experience is that I couldn’t use the hair mask and conditioner at the same time but that’s a minor issue because I get to save!


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