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{Christmas} Shopping With LushBerry

I’ve never seen people more frustrated than those that stand in a queue at a store doing some christmas shopping. Now with the impressive amount of online stores in South Africa, I’ve discovered how to make life a little more easier on the christmas shopping front.

I might not celebrate christmas but I do however have to form part of the masses tackling stores because of my family and friends that do celebrate christmas. I cannot bless the person enough that came up with the concept of Online Shopping and bless the person even more that came up with LushBerry‘s online store.

They are definitely one of those online stores that makes shopping a breeze and their overload of gorgeous things on their online store ensures that your christmas shopping can be done in one location. They have something for the beauty lover, the fashion forward girl and the accessories collector … Or if you’re like me, ALL THREE. I’ve made a list of all the gorgeous things that I know the women in your life would absolutely love.

There’s something for everybody and something to suit every budget. To top things off, delivery is FREE. Its very seldom that you find online stores that deliver’s for free. So to spare yourself the frustration and high blood pressure pop on over to LushBerry for some serious retail therapy in the comfort of your own home! Hint Hint family: Its my birthday next month and that La Pearla handbag is screaming my name!

P.s the LushBerry fairies are in the spirit of giving so click here and enter to win an amazing facemask to get your skin summer ready and healthy.


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