Fashion Fridays

Fashion Friday: My Top 5 Accessories

Today I’m going to share all my fave accessories that I’ve been loving lately. I’ve got my own mini collection of accessories but there’s always some pieces that I reach for more than others. I can truly say that majority of accessories are from Mr Price. At the moment Mr Price is really wowing me with their Collaborations and on trend fashion/accessories in store.

Now if you’re a regular on the blog you’d know that I’ve got a huge love affair with bangles so obviously I had to include it onto my list. My top 5 summer accessories are:
Gold Headband from Mr Price: This is definitely my summer lifesaver. It keeps my hair out of my neck and it looks supper pretty. With most headbands I tend to get a headache after wearing it for a few hours but not with this one. I got this headband at a steal for only R29.99. There’s so many ways to use it but this is my go to hairstyle.
Owl Cuff from Scarlett Boulevard: I’m so bummed that Scarlett Boulevard closed down. I did however manage to buy a few things before they did. I love owl accessories and this is one of my faves. Its not very bulky like most cuffs and it looks pretty expensive.
Drop feathers gems earrings from Mr Price: This is definitely my most loved pair of earrings for summer. It has this whole boho chic feel to them and they were on sale for only R19.99. If you love colour and feathers … GET THIS!
Spikes style gold and turquoise necklace from Scarlett Boulevard: At the moment I’m thinking of ways to give this necklace a serious DIY. I hate that the colour came off. Being light of complexion made it a nightmare because it rubbed off on my neck (not a pretty sight). I have managed to put clear nailpolish on it to prevent it and it still remains my best neck piece.
Gold “Lady Like” bangles from Mr Price: saving the best for last. The best R30 I’ve spent on accessories. I love that these bangles can’t be separated because that is how I loose them. Another bonus is that they are nickel free. They look so pretty paired with the proper outfit.


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