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Afro Saturdays

With varsity out of the way (till February, yeah!!), I will be more vocal and pay much more attention to social media sites and the Karabossie jewellery line.


I’ve had my Lookbook account now for almost 3 years but never really posted any looks on it. If I did upload a look, I either removed it for some reason or forgot my password. With my password safely written down in my secret book, hidden in my secret place, I’ve decided to post a look I had to model at a Jaymila Swaggz networking event. I’d like to tell you that the name for this particular look ” Afro Saturdays” was well thought out and that the inspiration for this name came to mind while I was sipping on Margaritas in the Caribbean, overlooking the tranquil ocean. Truth is, the fashion show was on a Saturday and I have a afro. Point I’m trying to make is that it really is that simple, anyone can do this and who knows, you might be the inspiration behind someones look. Now Lookbook enables you to upload a look that you rocking for the day, edit the photos, fan people whose outfit choices inspire you or just hype (like) a particular outfit. It truly is an amazing website which I think would inspire everyone. If in need for inspiration on what to wear to a club, date or to make an ex-boyfriend painfully jealous, this indeed my honey blossoms is the puurfect site to visit (grrrr…. meow).


For some or other reason I cannot get the Hype Widget thingy to work (will try and sort it out soonest) so if you would like to Hype this look you can go here:

With love, Karabossie ❤




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