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{Review} Miss Signature : Emotionally Activated Lip Gloss

246785_437190933006338_39698605_nI’m a huge Seventeen Magazine fan (Yes I read Seventeen Magazine and Yes I love it) and I particularly love it when they include fab goodies in their magazine. To be totally honest I get a lot of my blog inspiration from magazine’s because I practically live in them, Seventeen in particular. The products in the mag are affordable because it’s aimed at us budget girls, which brings me to today’s post.

In the November issue you’ll find an eyeliner and lipgloss (liquid liner freaks me out so I’m reviewing the lipgloss). Now 1st of all this lipgloss intrigued me. I’m not a lipgloss fan but because I read something along the lines of “Emotionally Activated Lip GlossI WAS SOLD!
I’ve never used Miss Signature products before so I was quite excited to try this gloss out. When in the tube it’s clear but after a few seconds when applied to the lips, it turns into a light pink. Half an hour in, it turned into a darker reddish-pink. I don’t know what happened or even if it’s really emotionally activated but it changed colour. Maybe I was excited because I finished at campus early but the fact remains … IT CHANGED!

I must admit that I really like this gloss. It’s the perfect constancy between runny and thick. I also love the strawberry scent. The staying power is good and I didn’t have to reapply it that often during the day. This is my new bestie on those days when I have a quick errand to run.

There’s also a fab spread in Seventeen on a selection of Miss Signature cosmetics and I’m quite keen to try it out.  Let me also add that the prices are AH-MAZING! It’s in the same price range as Essence, Catrice & Wet n Wild. These are a few of the products that I’m dying to get my hands on in the mag.
OH OH OH! Before I forget, in the mag this month you’ll get a R50 off voucher that you can use on Miss Signature cosmetics (You’re Welcome). Check out their website for a list of their stores & all the fab things in their range.


8 thoughts on “{Review} Miss Signature : Emotionally Activated Lip Gloss

  1. Miss Signature has the best products ever. The very first good foundation I’d ever bought was from there and I think, like, 20% of my lipsticks are Miss Signature. I still have a pink from a year ago that’s gone with me almost everywhere.

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