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Cute As A Button

UntitledToday its all about local is lekker … In this case, local is cute. I love stumbling upon local brands that sells pretty things but is yet affordable for us budget girls to spend on. Creative peeps warms my heart and that’s exactly what my new found brand is all about. The name of this brand says it all, everything is as cute as a button.

The darlings over at Cute as a Button Crafts & Designs makes the most stunning handmade accessories and its a definite must have in your jewellery collection this summer. I’ve seen many people sell button accessories but the prices are ridiculous and not as pretty as the ones that Tish design’s.

button earings
I’ve seen really beautiful pieces that’s so on trend and know that each button loving darling should definitely have. All the pieces in this post were carefully crafted, made with love and made it onto my must have list.
Another great thing about their accessories is that it looks really expensive but is easy on the pocket. See why I love their goodies?

Also the fab darlings over at Cute As Button suggests that their accessories would make really wonderful gifts for a bachelorette party, kitchen tea, birthday or any other girls night get together that you could gift to your guests . To order just email
rock ring
If you want to see more cuteness, Like
Cute as Button on Facebook and follow them on Twitter


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