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Love Your Curves With Style 36

Style 36 curveToday I’m trading in my usual Fashion Friday post and bringing you my latest fashion finds. I’m a huge online shopping fanatic but I get really annoyed when online stores tend to neglect the fuller figured darlings! Now I always browse Style 36 for fash inspiration and then stumbled upon their new range for some plus size fabulousness.

Summer is here and there’s no need to look like a granny just because you’re voluptuous. Style 36 has our backs lovies. The prices are quite reasonable and the fash is on trend. I love what they’ve got going on, on the online store. There’s prints, patterns and overall gorgeous summer goodness!

I just had to make my ultimate summer wishlist from the selection of plus size fab over on Style 36 and found it really hard and tempting to not add the entire range onto my collage. I’m also loving the fact that they’ve got a selection of pretty bras, meaning that there’s no excuse why you should wear ugly bras that looks like a bullet proof vest.

UntitledYou can shop the world of brands on Style 36 even if you’re not a fuller figured dahling! Hop on over to their website, you’ll also get a discount voucher on your purchases. Now for some plus size inspiration.
UntitledvvvvHave a great weekend and don’t forget to follow @Style 36 on Twitter and like them on Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Love Your Curves With Style 36

  1. I love this post, you know Tazz its more appreciated at times when we forget the norm of stylish = thin and show that plus size girls can be as stylish. I will sure visit this boutique for business and pleasure 😉

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