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{Review} Bio Oil: My multi-purpose product

Bio-Oil_Logo2A few weeks back I received an amazing box of stuffies from Chereen that blogs over at For The Beauty Of It and Bio-Oil. Now everybody knows the usual magical powers that Bio-Oil has such as reducing the appearance of scars & stretch marks. Today however Ill be telling you about the different ways that I use Bio-Oil.

Firstly the reason why I choose Bio Oil over any other brand of tissue oil is because the formulation is thicker, smells nicer, you can see results faster and there’s so many different ways that one can use this product starting with …

Untitlennnd1- Cuticle Oil : I’m a huge Tip Top Nails fan and their Cuticle Treatment is quite effective but I don’t like the smell of it. I have started using my BO as a cuticle treatment and it works like a bomb!

2- Scalp Moisturizer: I add a few drops to my shampoo and it moisturizers my scalp without making my hair greasy. This is probably one of my best uses for BO and I urge everybody to try it! Just pay a tad bit more attention to the problematic areas by massaging it onto the scalp.

3- In my scrubs: If you’re a regular City Girl Vibe reader, you’d know that I love making my own scrubs be it Lip, Face or Body. I always add some kind of oil form and BO just happens to be my new fave thing to add.

Untitled4- Face Mask: This is definitely a must try for everybody. Adding a few drops into your DIY facemasks is the best thing you can do for your face. When removing your facemask, you don’t have to apply a moisturizer because the BO in the facemask will act as one.

5- Makeup Remover: The perfect makeup remover before bed and doubles up as moisturizer after your makeup has been removed. I find that most makeup removers that I’ve tried is too harsh on my face but started playing around with BO and discovered that it also removes waterproof makeup effortlessly!

I love carrying my 60ml bottle in my handbag seeing that its the perfect size. Sometimes when I feel the urge to put something on my lips I dab a tad bit over my lippie.
Do you have extra uses for BO?


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