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Bloggers And Bags: Claire – Spiced Weasel #9

UntitlemmmmdToday i bring you the ever so beautiful Claire from Spiced Weasel . One of my new fave online people. Take a look read on her blog if you’re a Joburg dweller or like me just love reading the ramblings of a husband + wife duo.

UntitledMy bag my better half bought me for my birthday while we were on a cruise and I absolutely love it, its unique and the colour I adore, its different and I get asked about it daily. It brings back happy memories that make me smile.

SW Bag Content

  • My wallet/purse is another find on our travels and in a sale! It has butterflies and polka dots some of my favourite things. Its only used when I’m going somewhere nice or just want to.
  • Next we have my note book and pen (I’m pen and notebook a-holic) can never have enough so many beautiful styles to choose from and must have them all.
  • The pain pills as I am battling with my ankle (and am accident prone) and well unfortunately they are needed and always with me. To make sure I keep moving forward on two legs instead of crawling on all fours.
  • Woolies jelly beans my sweet addiction,  I’m a ‘bean’ snob.
  • My cat eye glasses from miss Happ a store that stocks our style, wish I could visit there store.
  • Two pairs of 3D glasses why I’m not sure as we don’t go to that many shows.
  • Hair band as I’ve recently cut off my tail to give to CANSA for there kindest cut program and well I need it to keep my hair falling in my face.
  • Garmin as I hate getting lost instant panic and stress risers.
  • This is my handbag point and shoot camera, always had a passion for photography and have always had a camera, although my cell has a good camera on it now.
  • My S3 my new love can do almost anything on it just wish the battery was better and I had more data.
  • Random cocktail sticks from our cruise happy memories.
  • Then we have weasie our mascot often travels with us in my bag (dependent on which bag I’m using at the time) or mr’s back pack.

Thank You so much to Claire for showing my readers what’s in her bag. As you can tell she’s an AH-MAZING  woman(You can tell alot about a lady by the things she carries in her handbag: Look at the brave step she took with chopping her pony off!  Don’t forget to read Claire’s blog over at:

Spiced Weasel

Follow Claire on Twitter : @SpicedWeasel


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