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{Review} Secret Of Soft Lips – Woolworths Strawberry Lip-Balm

I’m a huge Lip Product fan and to be totally honest, I probably take care of my lips more than what I do my face. When I try a new lip product I usually know from the first use whether its the real deal or not. I recently stumbled upon my latest lip lifesaver at Woolworths and its definitely THE BEST lip balm that I’ve ever used(And trust me when I say I’ve been through many before).

I wish I found this lipbalm in winter because it would’ve saved me from all my winter blues and dry cracked lips. This lipbalm glides on smoothly and leaves your lips super soft all day. I find it very moisturising on the lips. The scent of this strawberry lipbalm is amazing, it smells good enough to eat. It glides onto the lips effortlessly and also makes a great base for lipsticks that aren’t very moisturising.img1380564122248

The only thing better than this lipbalm is the price. At R16.99, I could kick myself for not grabbing more than one. The Strawberry Woolies lipbalm is so affordable compared to many other brands and it actually works like a charm. This lipbalm also comes in array of different variants such as the Original, Medicated and Sun Lipbalm, which is an absolute must for summer when out in the sun.img1380021032060

The next time you’re in Woolworths, grab one (or two, or three) of these babies and pop it into your shopping basket. I can guarantee you that your lips will love you later.


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