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{Review} Bath and Body Works – Japanese Cherry Blossom

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One of the brands that I’ve been dying to try ever since I started reading international blogs and discovered the art of Youtube, is Bath and Body Works. Now South Africa is always the last to jump on the gravy train so having family on the other side of the world has its perks. My fave international bloggers and Youtubers always mentioned how much they love Bath And Body Works and now I can understand why.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel was one of my winter lifesavers and its definitely going to be my spring/summer bestie too. I’ve been using it for weeks and even doubled it up as a hand wash. A little product goes a long way and the scent lingers on your skin for hours.
Bath and body works
I love that the scent is long lasting but not very overpowering. I find that it works best with a mesh sponge. One drop on your soaked mesh sponge is enough to cover your entire body with some soap action. This shower gel is also jam packed with Shea Butter for softer, cleaner skin, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

This floral scent smells like spring captured in a bottle with Asian Pear, Fuji Apple and Ume Plum as your top notes and Japanese Cherry Blossom, Butterfly Lily, Kyoto Rose, Mimosa Petals as your middle notes.
I’m really going to dread the days when I start using my last bit. I hope this brand comes to South African shores and SOON. If you’ve got fam or friends in the US or anywhere that you can find this brand… Beg/hint/ask them to get this for you. Its definitely a must have. If I can give you a teeny tiny bit of advice, I’d suggest that you keep an eye out on the Rubybox store. They’ve been blessing South African beauty lovers with lots of international brands lately, starting with Urban Decay and now Soap & Glory. Watch out for more reviews on international brands in the coming weeks.


11 thoughts on “{Review} Bath and Body Works – Japanese Cherry Blossom

  1. I love B&B Works products as well! My favorites have always been the classic Apple scent, as well as cucumber melon! I feel fortunate to live in the US where there are plenty of B&B Works stores available. Their candles are really good too, so check them out.

    Japanese Cherry Blossom is also divine! 🙂 Glad you finally got to get your hands on some products! Hope too that they expand internationally (on my end!) to your area. It really is a great store!

    • Thank You so much for the comment 🙂 . I’m so happy that I finally got to try it and I’m just counting the days that I can finally be picky on the different scents.

      How I wish I could try their candles, I Love LOVE LOVE candles!

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  4. How I wish bath and body works were available in SA too. I have a feeling that japenese cherry blossom would also be my favourite. Great review Tazz. You make me want to fly to Qatar to shop up a storm at Bath and Body works:-)))

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