Lisa - Karabossie

Glitz, Glam, Cameraland


That is exactly what one gets when using Camerland’s facilities. You would assume that you could only purchase camera equipment; however, they offer their customers so much more. Not the average camera store, they go the extra mile by offering services such as workshops where they host digital camera courses, they offer FREE parking to all of their customers( we all know finding parking in CBD can be a pain) and they also offer space to hire so you can host parties and networking events.

When the opportunity came to use their premises for her August collection, Jaymila van Rooi, owner of Jaymila Swaggz grabbed it with both hands.

The first scene for the day was the rooftop. When the elevator doors opened and I stepped onto Cameralands rooftop, I heard an orchestra playing the sweetest and purest of  notes, as it has open spaces, angelic white walls, clean cut furniture, with dashes of colour strategically placed at focal points in the room.


I’m sure everyone knows I’m inlove with Cape town CBD, so when I walked onto the rooftop terrace I was overcome by joy. The terrace provides an exquisite ambience of city feel and the city’s architectural  buildings would bring any bland canvas to life.



Not just a pretty site, it has functionality as well. The rooftop has a bar area and the terrace is equipped with a surround system and a projector which would be perfect for presentations.


Dying for a cup of beautifully blended coffee? Cameraland has that covered. Situated on the first floor, their Café has a variety of drinks and treats that will keep you satisfied.  So while you’re cheating your diet with the devilishly delicious treats you can search the web with the 2 hours FREE wifi they offer. With the South African Economy in one of its most trying times, who wouldn’t enjoy a good bargain or something free?

If you’re searching for a camera, Cameraland would be the first and last stop, as you’ll find great advice from the technically savvy staff, a variety of camera equipment to choose from at affordable prices. So now you’ve bought the camera, and you find yourself struggling to find your way around the camera and the task of using it has become too daunting, instead of just staring at that intimidating foreign piece of equipment, you can attend a free workshop valued at R400.00.


The shoot was a success. Not one moment did it feel as if I was working, we even managed to get a stomping session in. We worked with the most amazing clothes, models and a meticulous photographer who managed to capture the essence of playful sophistication.


With shoot done, I walked up to the terrace, looked at my surroundings, soaked up the feeling of city life and was thankful that I got my artistic city fix.

And that’s a wrap!

With love, Karabossie


Cameraland contact number: (021) 423 4150

Like them on Facebook:

Photographer: Clint Pillay

Email Address:

Make-up: Be-dazzle

Email Address:

Contact number: 021 683 8444 / 082 926 1647

Models: Alexia Smith, Carla Willoughby, Ziyanda Maganise

Clothing: Jaymila Swaggz

Email Address:


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