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{Review} Schwarzkopf Palette

Logo_SchwarzkopfLast week I was sent an amazing box of goodies which came just in time for Eid. Usually when Eid comes around, I tend to fork out quite a bit to get my hair done and looking back from a student’s perspective its quite unnecessary. That’s why I was really excited when the fab Danielle sent me some Schwarzkopf hair colour.

Now when it comes to hair colour, I can give you an honest review because I’ve gone from my natural light brown to Red, Black, Aubergine, Red Highlights to Blonde and Brown Ombre. I know what you’re thinking… THIS DUDETTE IS MESSING HER HAIR UP! And I agree, some hair colours did but not this one. I can honestly say that its the best hair colour I’ve ever used!

Back to basics : What makes the Schwarzkopf Palette Hair Colour amazing, is that it contains 7 oils that nourish your hair leaving it stronger and silky soft. The 7 oils are Marula Oil, Argan Oil, Sesame Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil, which is all known to have great benefits for ones gorgeous locks.
I chose the Smooth Red Violet colour and gave the other 3 boxes away to my fam + friends so that they could try it and give me feedback. It was no surprise that they had the exact same response as I did. I’ve received so many compliments and people asking whether I got my hair done at a salon and that’s a true indication that the Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe hair colour is from the best quality.

Next up we have Alexia who tried out Attractive Aubergine. Now usually when you go from a light colour to a dark (and vv), there’s a bit of a risk involved. As seen in the results, her hair still looked fab! Agree? It totes suits her and I’d even go as far as saying this colour suits her even better.
Then we have Shandre who tried the Silver Blonde. Shandre had a mixture of a dark brown and red, so moving to blonde was quite a big step. As you can see that the Silver blonde took on her hair amazingly and didn’t give off a “cheap colour” look that you get with most blonde hair dyes. She also mentioned that going from a dark colour to such a light colour didn’t effect her hair at all and it actually made her hair feel softer and more manageable
Lastly we have Razaan that tried out the Dark Warm Brown colour. She went from her natural black to brown. It gave her hair a beautiful shine and also matched her complexion incredibly.
As seen in my before and after pictures, The Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe hair colour is definitely worth the try. My aunt that lives in the UAE also mentioned that they used Schwarzkopf in their salons. I will definitely be purchasing my colour again in 30days time as mentioned on the box(and because my hair was too long for one box). Thank You so much Danielle and my amazing friends.


One thought on “{Review} Schwarzkopf Palette

  1. Don’t buy this hair color the shades on the box they show you are not even close to the final actual results. I used 301 Rojo uva which stands for a red turning purple color and it left my hair dark brown. This is not the first time. I’m done with this brand… never again.

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