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Happy Snapping: Eid

I’m not really big on sharing personal images or posts on the blog but I thought I’d do a little something different on the blog this time around with a short little Eid post. I’ve made some amazing friends in the blogging community and all of them already told me beforehand that they wanted to see my Eid outfit *Awkiesssss…*.

So here I am… No shoes on… Showing you my Eid pictures and wishing all my readers a belated Eid Mubarak (VERY LATE, I KNOW). I wish I could’ve posted on Eid or before but things are always hectic the last few days of Ramadaan.


Now let’s get to the outfit. For some reason I never seem to find anything I like in stores, especially when it comes to Eid time so I end up having somebody make something for me. I find that the stores just don’t stock pretty clothes for curvier girls… Especially curvier girls with a pash for fash LIKE ME. One of the biggest motivations for me studying my current course. This year was however different, I found my entire outfit from head to toe at Edgars, in ONEDAY, which is a huge achievement for me because I tend to scout malls for weeks on end looking for Eid clothes.

The dress I choose was a Cobalt dress from Merien Hall but added my own skinny belt. According to my fash loving friends, they totes picture me wearing it to the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate. I chose this dress because its the perfect balance between winter and summer and according to Danielle Margaux at #MBFWC2013 , cobalt is the “it” colour of the season.

Also, I’ve gone from blonde and brown Ombre, to a complete red head as seen in my pictures. I will do a full post + review this coming week, on 4 different colour hair dye’s. With that I wish you darlings a stunning thursday evening!

Danielle Margaux Picture Credit : SDR photography


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