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Factory Shop Expo

factoryshopThis past Saturday I decided to go to the CTICC to checkout the factory shop expo that took place on the 27th & 28th. Not because I was curious or wanted to buy goodies, but because I had FOMO.

A quick brief on what the factory expo is – Its an expo where lots of factory shops sells goodies at discounted prices. Where you pay half (sometimes less) for things that you would normally fork out on when going shopping.

The expo was every beauty blogger, fashionista, pretty lover’s dream! I love attending expos and this was definitely an improvement on last year’s Go Glamour expo. I spotted quite a few familiar brands like Blackcherry Handbags and Milq & Honey. The price at which a lot of things were going at, was incredible. I paid R69 for a 8pan Revlon – Charlie eyeshadow palette. I had 5 different palettes all together and it cost less than R200. WINNING!UntitledAside from fashion and beauty products. There were a lot of other things on sale like home essentials. I also liked the fact that they had ATM’s at the expo so when you needed money to shop some more, you could withdraw your moola hassle free. It is month end after all!

I hope this expo returns next year, I’d definitely be saving up for it. Even though I got some amazing deals, I do however wish that the venue could’ve been bigger. It was extremely packed and the lines at the ticket counters were always long. Other than that, I wish I had more moola to buy goodies I would go back anyday! If it returns next year, be sure to check it out. You’d definitely find something that you’d like and want.


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