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Perfume On A Budget : Adidas Pure Lightness

I’m pretty sure everybody loves perfume, but with a good quality perfume comes a hefty price tag. I’ve been through many bottles of perfumes from both budget and higher end brands but one of my all time faves are Adidas Pure Lightness for women.

I never go for these type of fragrances but for some reason this one just drew me in from the first smell. The name of this eau de toilette says it all. It has a clean, light and fresh smell to it. To me this perfume is extremely underrated, I think people underestimate it because its so affordable and from Adidas. In this perfume the top notes are [melon and red apple. Middle notes are jasmine, magnolia, violet and lily-of-the-valley and the base note is musk.]

If I could compare it closest to any fragrance, I’d say that it smells similar to the DKNY Be Delicious perfume. The staying power of this perfume is AH-MAZING! I could smell it on myself all day and two days later when I wore the same scarf, I didn’t have to spritz it again.

I bought Adidas Pur Lightness from Edgars but it was the last one on the shelf so I had to settle for the 30ml bottle. I would’ve liked the bigger bottle but this one as a great handbag sized bottle. I also love that the cap of this bottle stays solidly fit on it all day. With most perfumes you find that the top comes off and for someone like me that carries gum around, (Even though I’m not chewing it now) nothing is worse than gum that tastes like perfume.

I paid R149.95 for a 30ml a few weeks ago but the current price is R159.95. This is the perfect lightweight perfume for spring/summer and if you would like to purchase it, you can pop in to your closest Edgars store. I’m sure your other stores like Foschini would sell it too.


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