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ER Collection

The only fashion(or non) item that I love most after handbags, are shoes! That little wonder that braces ones feet with love, doesn’t discriminate on you being short/tall/curvy/skinny, it just brings so much JOY!

Nothing excites me more than being contacted by a brand that I’ve never heard of before [Sometimes I’m convinced I live under a rock], getting to know the brand and learning what its all about. Last week I got a bit clued up on a brand called ER Collection. ER Collection is what I call a feast for the eyes!

Now let me give you the 411 on ER Collection.

ER Collection was established in 2011 by radio personality and actress, Eda Rose. Eda collaborated with Italian shoe designer Sergio Amaranti, to bring us darlings a FRESH FASH FORWARD range ensuring that we always put our best foot forward. Nineteen styles of shoes and two designs of bags were conceptualized for this line, ensuring their exclusivity. ER Collection is a proudly South African brand and all products are handmade resulting in quality, luxurious and comfortable shoes and bagsslideshow_1Now being a shoe and bag freak, ER Collection is definitely tugging at my heart strings. You can shop up a storm on their website and the best part is They ship free all over South Africa and if you don’t have a credit card… Don’t fret! You can pay cash on delivery! Now that’s what I call a deal and half.

The shoes are to die for and if you’re not a high heel kind of girl, there’s a huge range of Pumps, Slip ons and Summer Sandals for the upcoming spring and summer months. The perfect party shoes for those summer parties!
If I haven’t convinced you enough, I think you better hop on over to the :

ER Collection Website
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