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Fashion Friday : Faux Fur Gilet

Happy Friday darlings! The only day of the week that one can breathe a sigh of relief. Earlier this year when it was Fall (Autumn) in America, I loved spotting all my favourite fashion bloggers and stylish celebrities rocking their faux fur gilets. I was hoping that this trend would catch on in South Africa when we eventually started feeling the chill and to my fash-loving-tastebuds, IT DID!

Even though its winter, at the moment the weather is a bit unpredictable in Cape Town because the sun is out in full force the one minute, (but there’s still that chill in the air), the next its storming! That’s where your faux fur gilet comes in. Its the perfect “in between seasons” item of clothing that can be paired with winter items but not feel and look as bulky as a coat. The best part of faux fur gilets are that its suitable for each and every body type, you get affordable options as well as pieces from your higher end brands AND most importantly, you don’t support the killing of our little furry friends!
I’ve been scouting the net for a wide variety of gilets and came across a few in different price ranges. I love how you can pair your gilet with some of the current trends such as leather. Faux fur gilets can also be worn with a dress and the best part is… It never goes out of fashion. Its one of those classic wardrobe staples that can be worn with anything. It can be dressed up in a more glamorous way (think Great Gatsby) or dressed down with a pair of jeans.

According to my trusty source read the internet , Olivia Palermo is queen of gilets but I decided to choose a different bunch of celebs to show you how they wore it. Looks pretty stunning with a jeans huh? And I particularly love the different colours.Untitled


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