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DIY on the horizon…

My dad is a jack-of-all-trades; he does everything from tiling to baking, from managing computer networks to building desks. I’ve seen a lot of furniture made from pallets and I decided to make a desk using them, although I love the idea I felt that all the ones I’ve seen missed something. I’ve been in a retro mood for the past 2 months and decided to make good use of this mood and pimp my desk by adding a retro feel.


The common reaction when I show people my desk is “Can’t your dad come to my house and build me one?”, my response “Sorry but no, unfortunately he has a full-time job and has to listen to my demands on all the projects I want him to complete” (he is currently busy with my bedside table, made from plastic creates and the leftover pallets). I saw this as a DIY post and asked him to write down instructions on how he made my desk. I’ll post a step-by-step guide, including costs in a couple of days.


A collage of photos, drawings that your children made, are just one of the many things you can use to accent this desk. I spend most of my hours at my desk making jewellery so it’s only natural that the environment in which I work in should reflect my mood. With the outdoor season coming up the anticipated mood: tribal, bohemian, free spirited princess. Come September, you will find dream catchers that I plan to make and feathers I’ll paint an aztec print, instead of elpees beneath the glass.



I accessorized the desk by adding an elpee bowl. My mom actually did this for my dad’s 50th. Learn how to do it here


And in other news…

You want a new item in your closet but unfortunately, you broke like me? Remember the Karabossie competition I told you about a week ago? The time has come to share. Stand a chance to win anything from the Karabossie line, to the value of R120.00!! All you need to do is follow Karabossie on Twitter, Like the Karabossie page and share it on facebook. The more times you share, the greater your chances are of winning. Competition closes 18 August 2013.


Twitter:  @Karabossie

L8a days, xoxo



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